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Care For Your Plant has made it a mission to help life thrive through the beauty of plants by consolidating and simplifying expert urban plant knowledge (house plants, gardening, and bonsai) so readers can easily learn about plants, plant care and maintenance, and plant problem solving.

Our readers visit from all parts of the world to engage in meaningful conversations about creating and fostering the discipline of plant care. While some have never owned a plant before, others are seasoned gardeners, bonsai experts, and house plant aficionados. No matter your experience or knowledge, Care For Your Plant is here to help you and your plants thrive.


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Careforyourplant.com is published digitally, and updated continuously with articles about urban plant topics such as gardening, house plants, bonsai and plant information about specific plants. A team regularly evaluates and reviews all digital content for errors and up to date information.


HELPFUL: Care for your plant believes in providing useful information that helps you better understand plants, their needs, and how to deal with maintenance and growth issues.

ETHICAL: Articles are produced with a high code of ethics. We employ high journalistic standards and editorial policies to produce content that you can trust.

RELIABLE: Our writers are vetted professionals, experienced in all aspects and types of plants. We seek out the best information from experts who understand and have worked with plants and are capable of passing their knowledge on to you in a clear, concise, and simple manner.

ACCURATE: Your plants live and die by our information and we take that responsibility seriously. We love plants and we know you love your plants, which is why we work extremely hard to share only accurate and true information.


All third party content is diligently reviewed and vetted before published on careforyourplants.com. In addition, content is clearly denoted as third party content so you are aware of its source.


We are committed to producing the very best content on house plants, bonsai, gardening, and other plant information. Please report possible errors to editorial@careforyourplant.com.


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Careforyourplant.com also makes money by selling high quality guides and information to readers. Although we produce tons of free content, we create and sell premium content. Selling this content helps us continue serving your needs and producing more free content.

We take our paid content very seriously, and sell content which is heavily vetted and reviewed. We keep this content digital so that we can update content when needed to ensure we’re providing you with up to date information. Our premium, paid content is always kept separate from our free content and we are not influenced in any way to decrease the value or quality of our free content in order to sell you paid content. Our intention is to always provide you with the best content possible on plants.