Several types of house plants, usually foliage type, have considerably large leaves and can perfectly reanimate the atmosphere of any apartment. Commonly found in the tropical regions, these big-leafed plants can also adapt to the environment of enclosed quarters, given the availability of necessary sunlight, water, and humidity.

Due to coming from a tropical environment, these plants present a bit more of a challenge to grow and care for in many urban environments. That being said, choosing to purchase a big leafed plant can be a rewarding endeavor, as a well maintained big-leafed house plant adds dimension and beauty to any environment. 

Top recommendations include:




Monstera Deliciosa

All of these plants can reach a substantial size and display large, broad foliage. Some other exemplary instances are:


Elephant Ear Plant


Some of these species, especially philodendron and the elephant ear plant, might be difficult to find, given their rarity. Native locations like Asia and Africa, these living organisms require sufficient sunlight throughout the year and relatively high humidity, around 70-80%.

Maintaining humidity at this level may present a challenge inside living rooms or small apartments, and one should be aware that extra time and attention must be given to these types of plants if they are to thrive as indoor house plants.