Deciding to purchase a house plant requires careful consideration from the future house plant parent, especially if you want to avoid killing your beautiful new, live in home partner. Failing to get the conditions right for your house plant can detrimentally affect your house plants vigor, and your experience owning and caring for a house plant.

For someone looking to purchase a first house plant, going with something low maintenance and hardy (capable of surviving your learning pains) is a good idea. Aside from choosing something low maintenance, it’s a good idea to ask yourself a few questions.

You should first determine where your plant will live. Although an east or west window is preferred so the hot midday sun is avoided, there are plants that thrive in hot conditions, like cactus house plants.

Second, you should determine how much time you are willing to invest in your house plant. Certain plants have long, or intensive vegetation stages (the stage in a plant cycle where a plant is consuming resources like water, nutrients, and sunlight and preparing to flower or reproduce) Keeping a highly vegetative plant in top form requires lots more work and time. We have an article devoted to how to choose the right house plant and why these questions are so important.

Once you’ve asked and answered those two questions, you can then select the type of house plant that best suites your lifestyle and housing environment.

Low Maintenance Blooming House Plants

If you want something low maintenance, that also provides a bit of color and blooms, there are a few options for you, as well. From the blooming species, consider these low maintenance blooming house plants

Peace Lily

Pink Calla Lily

African Violets


Low maintenance house plants do not require specific methods of pruning or nutritional support to maintain the necessary environment for these house plants to thrive. That said, when presented with proper care and attention, these species will offer striking foliage and, if you’ve selected a flowering house plant, will frequently bloom and reward the owner for the effort given.