Plant parents should seriously consider succulent house plants as a strong option when looking at getting a house plant for the first time. They are very attractive in style and often times feature colorful flowers. The best part is that succulent house plants are great for small spaces like studio apartments, which might have only a window or two for light. Blossoming succulent house plants can definitely provide a a breath of beauty and brilliant color to brighten up any space.

Succulents are similar to cactus house plants in that they are both known for storing their necessary water in their stems. However, succulent house plants do not have any spines or needles like cactus house plants, which them a safer option for plant owners with young kids or animals.

Like cactus house plants, succulents are resilient plants capable of surviving dehydration for a significant amount of time, as compared to foliage or blooming varieties. Some popular succulent house plants include:

Jade Succulent

Kalanchoe Succulent

Sedum House Plant

Aloe House Plant

Succulent house plants are available in numerous shapes and colors, and most succulents bloom as well. Finally, and best of all, most succulents can be easily handled by novice individuals (aka plant parent beginners!) When properly cared for succulents reward their owners with exceptional beauty and active growth.