As the trend of house gardening developed, more species were introduced to the indoor environment, properly adapting plants to the closed spaces of living quarters. Foliage house plants are some of the best plants for indoors. The modern house plant was born. Although there are many different types of house plants out there, it’s often times a good idea to choose a low maintenance house plant for your first. This reduces the stress, and helps make having and caring for a house plant more fun!

Today, a plant enthusiast has a wide variety of indoor plants to choose from, as the majority of them will be completely comfortable inside living quarters, even small spaces like studio apartments with only a window sill for light. Some of the most popular low maintenance variants include foliage plants, flowering plants, cacti, and succulents.

Best Foliage-typed House Plants For Indoors

Foliage-typed plants usually don’t bloom and remain the same throughout the year, but they are still some of the best plant for indoors.. This makes them a perfect addition to the home environment. These plants are considered less complicated and require less effort to maintain than other types of house plants, as they can survive under a variety of circumstances. Examples of foliage plants include:

Boston Fern

Spider Plant

Snake Plant


English Ivy

Rubber Plant

Under the right conditions, these house plants demonstrate tremendous green beauty and vitalize the interior of any space.