Having little or no natural light does not have to serve as a deterrent to own a plant. In fact, there are many house plants that do well in low light conditions. A complication connected to plant placing is the availability of natural sunlight, which is not often accessible in one’s living quarters. There are some great house plant low light options or house plants that don’t need sun available, though, which allow you to carry out your dream of being a plant parent and ensuring your plant does not die from low light conditions.

Photosynthesis is the process by which a plant takes light and produces food from carbon dioxide and water. Oxygen is produced as a byproduct and sent back out into the world. But, what happens if very little or no natural light is available? How is a house plant able to survive? Many aren’t.

House Plants That Don’t Need Sun

But there are some plants which have evolved to thrive on low light conditions. Therefore, if you live in an apartment or urban setting with very little natural light, don’t worry. There are some great low light house plants out there to consider.

There are several plant species that can survive the difficult conditions of low light. These plants naturally do not need as much light, and often times intensive care, as other types of house plants.

Aspidistra Elatior (Cast-Iron Plant)

Consider the Cast-Iron Plant, for example. Known by its formal name of Aspidistra Elatior, the Cast-Iron Plant is extremely durable, and it’s even recommended to disturb this plant as little as possible. This means the Cast-Iron Plant likes infrequent watering and very rarely needs a re-potting.

Chinese Evergreen

Another house plant for low light is the Chinese Evergreen. The Chinese Evergreen is a good low light house plant and can easily be placed in spots facing the north direction where little natural light is received

ZZ Plant

Finally, two additional house plants which thrive in low light conditions are the Corn Plant and the ZZ Plant. Both of these low light house plants also similar to the previous examples and should actually be placed in a low sunlight location.