Have you ever wondered what house plants are pet friendly, or what house plants go well with cats and dogs? An imperative consideration for the future house plant parent is the presence of home pets. You may pride yourself a dog momma, but there is a good chance your pet will also interact with your house plant, and not in a good way.

Many house plant parents keep their plants several feet off the ground, or just above the height of curious pets. Others, put their house plants in containers to protect them from the chomping mouths of cats and dogs.

But, there is an additional consideration for the cohabitation of house plants and pets, especially when the parent is away and both are left unattended. As a survival mechanism, certain plants have developed toxins which are dangerous to animals, especially cats, dogs, and birds. All it takes is a bit of biting or chewing on the leaves of your house plants to release these toxins.

House Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

While keeping your house plants above the height of interested pets, you also might want to consider choosing plants that are safe for domestic animals. Even with proper precautions, it’s still likely that your pet will find a way to nibble on your house plant’s leaves or flowers. For that reason, considering the following pet friendly and safe plants:

Hypoestes phyllostachya

(Polka Dot Plant)



House Plants Not Safe for Cats and Dogs

Finally, tropical plants such as the following should be introduced with care, as they can cause severe intoxication in pets and humans (which is a point of concern if you have young children who are prone to putting things in their mouths).