A significant number of house plants can purify the air. These house plants that purify the air consume excess carbon dioxide and other dangerous elements present inside an apartment or house and produce oxygen as a byproduct.

Scientific investigations suggest that particular varieties of the foliage group of house plants can mediate the negative outputs of industrial facilities and carbon-emitting devices that are present in the living quarters situated near or within the cities.

While the referenced investigation does note that house plants purify air, it is important to note that the effectiveness of house plants at purifying air depends on additional factors, such as temperature and the leaf surface.

There is an ideal temperature range for when plants peak at their ability to filter CO2 emissions, and both before and after those levels a house plant becomes less efficient at purifying the air.

Although the optimal temperature is different for every plant, shoot for an optimal range of between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are a few excellent pollution fighters, which can purify air and enrich a house or apartment:

The Boston Fern

Spider Plant

Snake Plant