Beginner plant parents looking for an edgy, mean looking house plant should consider cactus house plants as a strong option when looking at getting a house plant for the first time. They are very attractive in style but have a prickly side which can contrast intelligently with a flowering cactus house plant.

Cactus house plants are also great for on window sills, in small apartments, on a desk at the office, or a countertop in the kitchen.

Cactus house plants are probably some of the most well-known house plants. They are extremely resilient and adaptable to varying conditions. This is also a great low maintenance house plant for someone looking for an easy to maintain and low maintenance house plant. Some of the most common types of cactus house plants are:


The Golden Barrel Cactus

Christmas Cactus

Easter Cactus

Gynmocalycium Cactus

Commonly found in a dry, desert-like environment, cacti can survive for a long time without water. This makes them perfect for plant owners with little time or a go-go urban, modern lifestyle. Not only that, but cactus house plants also come in a remarkable amount of fun shapes and sizes, with some of them even blooming.